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#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. FahQ sends RB Matt Jones (R1, $1, QFLE) Quince the Rapper sends RB Eddie Lacy (R3, $16) FahQ cuts WR Martavis Bryant (Q1, $11)

#QFL Trade Announcement; Updated 2014 Rookie Draft Pick Ownership

Ted has been busy positioning for 2014, today announcing the second trade of this still early pre-season. The Trade. #Quince sends Bryce Brown ($1 Q2) FahQ sends #21 overall pick in 2014 #Quince now owns three second rounds pick with which to raid transition players and FahQ gets the cheap backup to his only viable […]

FahQ Breaks All-Time Scoring Record

Congratulations FahQ! The defending champion now holds the all-time lowest score record (8 pts) as well as the highest (140 pts). The old scoring record, set by Q/P, stood for 12 years until FahQ broke it by 4 points last night. Obviously good for the week 6 skin. And just last week FahQ scored a […]

QFL Trade Announcement

2012 is officially kicked off with the first trade of the season. FahQ sends TE Antonio Gtaes (L8 $5) TenQ sends WR Dez Bryant (S2 $6)

QFL Nation Week 11 Skins Update

Finally some action in the skins market. In The QFL, FahQ picked up seven skins probably worth around $525. The new average is 97.43. In QFL Deuce there is an unbelievable situation. Morning Woody beat Fantasy Enemy #1 by, get this, .01 points! 108.14 to 108.13. Franchise ownership has brought on Rishi as counsel on […]

QFL Trade Announcement; Updated 2012 Rookie Draft Pick Ownership

FahQ loading up for a run, DBQ loading up for 2012, late Wednesday. The Trade. FahQ sends Stevie Johnson (L2, $9), Denarius Moore (S1, $1), Tony Gonzalez (L1, $1), and FahQ’s 2012 First Round pick DQB sends Vincent Jackson ($14 L4)

QFL Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

Rishi now owns three second round picks in 2012. The Trade. FahQ sends Jamaal Charles (L1 $13) and FanQ 2012 2nd Rd Pick OrigQ sends Antonio Gates ($5 L8)

QFL Trade Announcement; Updated Rookie Draft Order

The Trade. FahQ sends TE Dallas Clark (L2, $10) and RB Ben Tate (S2, $4) Bing’s Quest sends RB Fred Jackson (L2, $9) and 2011 2nd Round pick (#18 overall)

QFL Trade Announcement

FahQ sends WR Robert Meachem (L2, $1) and 2011 1st Round Draft Pick Quince United sends RB Jamaal Charles (O, $4)

QFL Trade Annnouncemet

TenQ sends Kyle Orton ($1 L1) FahQ sends Jonathan Stewart ($12 O) and 2011 second rd pick

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