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Deuce 2013 Rookie Draft Order

The Deuce’s preliminary rookie draft order was released by Commish Brockman this morning. Sharpen your #2 pencils, Fantasy Enemy holds the #1 overall pick.

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2013 Rookie Pick Ownership

Fantasy Enemy now owns four 2013 rookie picks. The Trade. Bryant, Dez: Quahogs —> Fantasy Enemy #1 2013 Draft Pick, Round 2: Quahogs —> Fantasy Enemy #1 Gore, Frank: Fantasy Enemy #1 —> Quahogs

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2013 Rookie Pick Ownership

What is Sooms Squad thinking?! Gonzalez is almost 50 years old! The trade. Gonzalez, Tony: Fantasy Enemy #1 —> Sooms Squad 2013 Draft Pick, Round 1 (Sooms Squad): Sooms Squad —> Fantasy Enemy #1

QFL Nation Week 11 Skins Update

Finally some action in the skins market. In The QFL, FahQ picked up seven skins probably worth around $525. The new average is 97.43. In QFL Deuce there is an unbelievable situation. Morning Woody beat Fantasy Enemy #1 by, get this, .01 points! 108.14 to 108.13. Franchise ownership has brought on Rishi as counsel on […]

Deuce Trade Announcement

Commissioner Pope Paul-II announces trade executed before game time yesterday. The Trade. FantasyEnemy sends Alex Smith (L1 $1) Sooms Squad sends Scott Chandler (L1 $1) This completely logistical trade allowing Tarek to field a legal line up and providing Reuven with a week 11 bye week QB turned into a silly pair of unexpected TD’s […]

Fantasy Enemy Fined $20

The Deuce’s Fantasy Enemy franchise was fined the highest amount possible yesterday for fielding an invalid starting lineup. The $20 fine is usually triggered by starting a bye week kicker, but in this case it was a defense. From Pope Paul-II. Tarek catches the big $20 illegal line up fine for starting a DEF on […]

Deuce BLOCKBUSTER Trade; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

The biggest trade in QFL Deuce history went down today between Fantasy Enemy (0-4) and Sooms Squad (1-3). The trade involved 10 players totaling $56 in salary cap and leaves Fantasy Enemy $5 over the cap and no 2012 rookie picks. The Trade. Fantasy Enemy sends Daren McFadden ($3 L2), Ben Rothlisberger ($7 L2), Percey […]

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated 2012 Rookie Draft Ownership

The Trade. Fantasy Enemy sends 2012 1st Rd Draft Pick and Devery Henderson ($1 L1) Sqyline Qonies sends Jermain Gresham ($2 S2) Qonies now owns two first round picks. Brockman wants to know. Did you at least use some lubricant?

QFL2 Trade Announcement

It had been almost ten days since there was a trade in QFL2. Thought there was something wrong for a sec… Mad (Bombers) sends Big Ben ($7 L1) Fantasy Enemy sends Flacco ($4 O) and a 2011 1st rounder

QFL2 Trade and Updated Rookie Draft Order

We love to hear commish-for-life Paul complain about the excessive number of trades, so keep ’em comin’. Sooms trades the #5 overall pick to Fantasy Enemy for the #7 and the #23 pick. Read more to see the updated draft order.  

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