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Use Of @Fantrax Trade Block Edit Notices Rising Ahead Of Deadline Thanksgiving Day

The trade deadline is before kickoff of the first game on Thanksgiving. The norm is for last minute announcements and this year chatter is as loud as ever. Especially after Josh’s unprecedented mega trade which incidentally excluded several important party members and won’t be forgotten nor appreciated by those parties for years.

Is There A Way On @Fantrax To Filter Players By Only TE?

Also WR. The only options currently are “R/W”, “W/T” and “R/W/T” which mixes the positions.

Tips For Using @Fantrax – This Week: Free Agent Bidding

Luckily this question from a Colony league wasn’t directed to Ted otherwise he would have completely freaked out

Dan Takes Deuce…. Commissioner Job, Signs 5 Year Deal with @FanTrax

Brockman’s tenure as #QFL Deuce Commissioner is coming to an end and who do you think will be replacing him in this very important position? None other than Dandy Dan L.! The voting is so far unanimous. Crazy world. Dan’s first order of business is to purchase a 5-year FanTrax membership for $240 (they offered […]

How to Claim Free Agents on Fantrax

This (re)posting is a direct order from Rishi, who I don’t even remember voting for Commissioner, but is. Free agency in THE QFL is officially open.

Fantrax Blames Botched Upgrade And DDoS Attack For Recent Outage(s)

If you’ve tried to reach the Fantrax home page for the past few days you’ve probably noticed it is down. Before assuming they went out of business and were just trying to rip us off with the lifetime membership offer, I checked their twitter account. Apparently they botched an upgrade they were running last Friday […]

Opinion: QFL Nation Should Accept Fantrax Lifetime Membership Offer

QFL Nation should at least seriously consider the $279 lifetime membership offered by Fantrax yesterday. It would only take 3.4 years to start saving money on the deal at $79.95/year. Or less than 5 years at the rate we paid last year ($59.95). Given how long we used AllStarStats (must have been 10 years), even […]

QSN Study Finds QFL Nation Spent $4.3k On Fantasy Football Services Over Last 5 Years

A study released by QSN today found that QFL Nation spent a staggering $4,334 on fantasy football services over the last 5 years. From FantasyGuru to Fantrax, QSN estimated the costs of all services used by every League to administer QFL Nation. The results may surprise you.

Change to Scoring Configuration in Fantrax

It was brought to my attention that the “Fumbles Lost” scoring configuration option in Fantrax has been incorrectly counting special teams fumbles against the individual player.

24 Hours To Correct Roster Rule IS BACK

In case you haven’t heard, the QFL Commissioner announced recently that QFL Nation is adjusting the way we enforce roster rules following free agent or waiver pickups. We are going back to allowing a 24 hour period (or before first game) to correct any roster violations incurred due to these transactions, plus trades presumably. Initially […]

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