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Qbola Virus Escapes Kicker Fiasco With Only $14 Fine

Cleary Paul, owner of Qbola, doesn’t read this blog because less than 2 weeks ago I described – and Fantrax favorited on Twitter – how to place a “tree bid” for only one player. Paul placed 4 bids for a kicker and forgot to set the max number of claims to “1” so he won […]

Rishi Fined $20 For Being An Idiot

Rishi didn’t start a defense against Ted this weekend. Even Commissioner Shane agreed, that’s good for a $20 fine.

Chaos Reigns In Thrice; COMCOMM To Review SuperQuince Eligibility

Another week, another set of puny fines for massive lineup violations in Thrice. It’s at least the fourth week in a row that Thrice Commissioner Doug has handed down wrist slap fines for rule violations that threaten the competitive landscape of QFL Nation. It’s finally reached a point where COMCOMM is discussing banning Thrice from […]

Outrageous Roster Violations Routine In Thrice

Thrice Commissioner Doug emailed his league today nonchalantly informing them of 4 minor fines for extremely serious roster violations that occurred over week 8. We’re talking violations that would cause images of Muhammed type of rage in QFL1; 19 players, no D started, no kicker started, multiple bye week players started. Revolutionary type stuff as […]

New Deuce Commish Goes Easy on Turds Franchise; 2012 Fine History

It’s fashionable to trample on the Constitution these days, even in QFL-II. Deuce’s new Commissioner passed on the opportunity to completely screw the Deep Fried Turds franchise this morning and instead fined the team a measly $2 for a transaction that would have set the original QFL on fire with rage.

Bings Quest Fined Measly $5 Waives Mendenhall

Bings Quest waived Mendenhall to get under the cap and into compliance 18 days late and was fined a mere $5 by Commissioner Nice Guy!

OUTRAGE Bings Quest Over Cap More Than Two Weeks

Several team owners are calling for the QFL equivalency of the death penalty after it was discovered that Nordstrom’s team has been “way over” the cap since his trade for Forte and Starks two weeks ago. Of course, it may be difficult to quantify how far over the cap he is because A.S.S. is down, […]

Deuce Skins Increase 44% In Value From 2010 Season

Deuce Commissioner Berlage The Bull released his League’s “End of Regular Season Financials” which, among other notables, projected the 2011 weekly skin to be worth $71.17 if there are no more transactions this year. This is a 43.8% increase over last year’s $49.47.

Paul’s Queef Fined $20

Paul’s Queef franchise was fined $20 by Commissioner Shane after starting a bye week kicker in week 8. Better late than never. Is it me or are there tons more teams starting bye week players than in previous years? EOM.

Deuce’s Quahogs Joins Fantasy Enemy and PolaQ In $20 Fine Club

The Deuce is pissed at Quahogs after the team fielded 3 players on a bye and one (McGahee) who was a well known inactive. The $20 fine is seen as too small by many, but don’t forget that the 17 points Quahogs has put up so far this week (granted with Rivers to go) would […]

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