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Huge Drop in RB Pricing

QFL franchise and rookie contract pricing for RBs continued to plummet in 2018. All other position pricing remained stable. Franchising an RB only costs $20 today, seven years ago it was $28, the most of any position at the time. Converting a rookie contract for an RB costs $14 this year, down from $21 in […]

2017 #QFL Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing

The cost of franchising a QB plummets to record low. Peak $23 was just two years ago to $16 today. Great news for owners of Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Derek Carr. Rookie contract pricing fell to $10, also a record low, but it literally matters to no one since there isn’t a single R3 […]

2016 #QFL #FantasyFootball Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing

QB pricing plunges across contract types despite FahQ paying Aaron Rodgers double the next highest player. WR pricing stagnates but still above RB, a trend first seen in 2014. If someone can convince Scott to drop Calvin Johnson WR rookie pricing would drop to $19.

One Week Until #QFL Thrice Cut Deadline

QFL-3 Commissioner Doug also provided franchise pricing and an updated 2014 rookie draft order in an email to the League today. From Doug. Hey Everyone – Just a reminder. Draft is coming up and that means that keepers are due soon. Keepers must be submitted to me by Thursday, August 14 at 8pm Eastern.

Cut Deadline Primer

Everything a #QFL owner needs to know before the cut-to-8 deadline next Friday, July 25. Auction Nomination Order Rookie Draft Order Contract Pricing Free Agent Predictions Keeper Submissions must be entered in Fantrax and emailed to commissionerq at by 6:59pm ET. No KeeperCommish this year.

#FantasyFootball WRs Now More Valuable Than RBs According To 2014 #QFL Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing Analysis

For the first time in QFL history WRs are more expensive than RBs. The era of the WR is here according to a just released study of QFL franchise and rookie contract pricing over the last 4 years. Not only is it more costly to franchise a WR than a RB, the rookie contracts are […]

QFL 2013 Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing

Lame duck Commissioner Shane sent out the QFL’s franchise and rookie contract pricing for 2013 this afternoon. Not much has changed from last year except RB franchise pricing rebounded $2 (to $25) after falling $5 from 2011-2012. Three year pricing analysis after the jump.

2012 QFL Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing

Looking ahead to the 2012 season. Presented without commentary the preliminary franchise and rookie contract pricing that will apply to The QFL in 2012.

Deuce Franchise & Rookie Contract Pricing

The Deuce’s cut deadline is this weekend. Last minute maneuvering is on-going, but only two executed trades so far this season. The Commissioner Pope Paul-II sent word today on franchise and rookie pricing.

Restricted Free Agent and Rookie Contract Guide To 2011 (For QFL1)

By popular demand here is the QFL’s restricted free agent and rookie contract pricing guide to the 2011 season.

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