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Anyone Else Missing KeeperCommish?

What is each team’s available salary cap? What are each team’s position need(s)? Did Shane sneak a peak at the commissioner emails before his own keepers were submitted? Why did we have to wait at least 15 hours after the deadline for the keepers to be released to the rest of us plebs?! Anyone else […]

19th Annual QFL Auction & Rookie Draft August 19th

The cut to 8 deadline is this Sunday at TBD time. Selections are supposebly required to be input on Fantrax, but the League isn’t setup yet. Unfortunately, KeeperCommish folded operations, otherwise it could easily be able to handle this situation. Too bad no more insightful franchise, transition or free agent predictions (unless Shades is cajoled […]

Brandin Cooks Top Projected Unrestricted #QFL Free Agent According To KeeperCommish

QSN ran a simulation of QFL keepers on KeeperCommish and found Brandin Cooks likely to be the top unrestricted free agent at the 18th Annual QFL Auction, followed by Demaryius Thomas and Doug Martin. QTang was the top ranked team based on projected keepers, QBC was the worst. QofQ (formerly SOQ) projects to have the […]

#QFL Nation Leagues Required To Use @KeeperCommish

The rumor that every League in QFL Nation will be required to use to facilitate their annual keeper declaration process this year is not true. Next year it will be required. The free service is invaluable to administrators of QFL Leagues who otherwise have to manually keep tabs on salary increases, contract designations, email […]

Adrian Peterson Top Ranked Free Agent, FRNQ Top Ranked Team In 2016 According To @KeeperCommish #QFL Keeper Simulation

FRNQ owns the #1 pick in the rookie draft and the #1 preseason ranking according to the latest simulation of QFL keepers conducted by QSN on KeeperCommish. The top ranked free agents are Adrian Peterson, Aaron Rodgers and AJ Green. SOQ projects to have the most cap space ($64), OrigQ projects to have the least […]

QSN Releases Results of #QFL #FantasyFootball Keeper Simulation Using @KeeperCommish

With the 17th Annual QFL cut deadline only 5 days away QSN commissioned a study to project keepers using KeeperCommish. The complete results are available upon request. Highlights IQ projected to have highest ranked group of keepers. The biggest name unrestricted free agent projected by the simulation was Calvin Johnson. Analysts felt it was so […]

SOQ Still Ranked #1 by @KeeperCommish After Cuts

The amazing service that Rishi unexpectedly and unilaterally decided not to use before this season earlier projected that Scott’s team would declare the best group of keepers in a simulation sponsored by QSN and that projection has proved correct according the updated report with actual keepers. QSN again used KeeperCommish this time to look at […]

SOQ Ranked #1 By @KeeperCommish Pre-Season Simulation

QSN used KeeperCommish to simulate Fridays keeper declarations and projected last year’s runner-up SOQ to be the number #1 team with a score of 79. The worst projected keepers belonged to #Q with a score of 248. HepQ projected to have the most cap space heading into the Auction with $63 to spend way ahead […]

QSN Study Finds QFL Nation Spent $4.3k On Fantasy Football Services Over Last 5 Years

A study released by QSN today found that QFL Nation spent a staggering $4,334 on fantasy football services over the last 5 years. From FantasyGuru to Fantrax, QSN estimated the costs of all services used by every League to administer QFL Nation. The results may surprise you.

Around QFL Nation Week 11 Skins, Scores & Standings

First off, did anyone win money from the #KeeperCommish freeroll? I know I didn’t. But, like my SAT score, no one will ever know my final place finish. Thanks to everyone who signed up. QUtane continues to dominate QFL Nation in scoring, but is no longer leading based on record. That honor goes (back) to […]

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