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First Trade Of 2016 Announced In #QFL Deuce

Correction. This is the second reported trade of the season. NOJOQ  send Jonathan Stewart ($3 Q2) Turds send #16 rookie pick in 2016 This is the first recorded June 17. NOJOQ sends 2016 2nd round pick and 2017 first round pick Fantasy Enemy sends Julio Jones and Marvin Jones NOJOQ drops DeAngelo Williams

#QFL Deuce Trade Announcement, Updated Rookie Draft Order

The QFL’s learned elite team owners continue to divest away from DeMarco Murray, the latest Deuce trade announcement reveals. Bombers send Justin Forsett (Q1, $3) and 2015 2nd round pick (Membrillos) NOJOQ sends DeMarco Murray (T1, $13) UPDATED: 2015 Deuce Rookie Draft Order

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2014 Pick Update

The Trade. Mad Bombers sends 2014 First Rd Pick NOJOQ sends Justin Blackmon

Deuce Trade Announcement; Updated 2013 Pick Ownership

The Trade. NOJOQ sends #2 overall rookie pick Turds send #5 overall rookie pick and the #17 overall rookie pick In addition, Turds agree to nominate Calvin Johnson with the #2 overall nomination and NOJOQ agrees to nominate Marshawn Lynch with the #7 overall nomination. Deuce 2013 Rookie Pick Order – Updated

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2013 Draft Pick Order Update

The honor of first trade of the season belongs to Deuce franchises Membrillos and NOJOQ. Membrillos now owns two first round picks in 2013.

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2013 Pick Ownership

Bomber has no 2013 rookie picks now. The trade with considerations. NOJOQ sends Alfred Morris Bombers sends 2013 first rd pick

Two Deuce Trades Went Down Today; Updated 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

Deuce Commissioner Paul announced two big trades this afternoon. The First Trade. Sooms sends Ben Roethlisberger L2 $7, Pierre Garcon L3 $4, NY Giants DEF L2 $3 Membrillos send Joe Flacco L4 $6, Reggie Wayne L1 $12, Washington Redskins DEF L1 $1, Membrillos 2012 1st round draft pick and the rights to Fred Jackson L3 […]

Deuce Trade Announcement

Playing weekend catch-up. This trade went down before game-time Sunday. The Trade. NojoQ sends Carson Palmer ($1 L1) Qonies sends Tavaris Jackson ($1 L1) EOM

Deuce Trade Announcement

Deuce’s fifth trade announcement in two weeks. The Trade. NOJOQ sends Pats D ($2 L2) plus James Starks ($2 L2) TURDS send Joseph Addai ($7 L1)

Deuce Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Draft Pick Ownership

After a long pause in activity QFL Nation-wide a trade went down in the Deuce yesterday. The last Deuce trade was executed August 13th and also involved Membrillos. The Trade. NOJOQ sends Mike Tolbert Membrillos sends Ben Tate and 2012 2nd Rd Pk

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