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#QFL Trade Announcement

ORIGINAL QUINCELER trades away Denver ($8 Q2) QUINCE THE RAPPER trades away #18 pick Updated 2017 Rookie Draft Order

#QFL Trade; 2014 Pick Update

Catching up on old business. The Trade. OQ sends Giants D QU sends 2014 second round pick

Original Quincelar Pulls Off Three Trades Before Cut Deadline; Updated Rookie Pick Ownership

These trades were announced while I was away. Updating the records. No changes in the first round, Rishi still owns three picks. Some reshuffling of picks in the early second round.

Rishi Fined $20 For Being An Idiot

Rishi didn’t start a defense against Ted this weekend. Even Commissioner Shane agreed, that’s good for a $20 fine.

QFL Blockbuster Trade

A deadline beating blockbuster! With 4 days until the cut deadline (now at 1pm ET this Saturday) trade talks are heating up. Some are even pleading for an extension given the A.S.S. fiasco. That didn’t slow down Rishi or Paul.

QFL Trade Announcement

For a second I was thinking there weren’t going to be any last minute trades. There’s about 2.5 more hours until the trade deadline. The Trade. OrigQ sends Mike Williams and Philly D DBQ sends Pitt D and Percy Harvin

QFL Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

Rishi now owns three second round picks in 2012. The Trade. FahQ sends Jamaal Charles (L1 $13) and FanQ 2012 2nd Rd Pick OrigQ sends Antonio Gates ($5 L8)

QFL Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

A third QFL trade hit the books yesterday. The Trade. QTang sends Darrius Heyward Bey and a 2nd rd OrigQ sends Maurcie Morris ($9 L1)

QFL Trade Announcement

The Trade. OrigQ sends M Schaub ($8 L3) and Lance Moore ($6 L1) QTANG sends J. Finley ($2 L3) and M Cassel ($2 L2)

QFL 1 Trade Announcement

This trade is a few days old. No siren. The Trade. Bing Q sends Ben Tate ($4 S2) OrigQ sends Jerome Simpson ($1 L1), Matt Flynn ($1 L1), Cecil shorts ($1 L1), and Damien Williams ($1 L1)

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