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2018 QFL Rookie Draft Order

Fifth year in row TenQ owns two first round picks in the rookie draft. 2018 Rookie Draft Order #1 Original Quincelar #2 QAnon #3 Qorrosion of Qonformity (from TMQ) #4 Quincing By Committee #5 Quincing By Committee (from Ziqa) #6 Qorrosion of Qonformity #7 QTang

2017 #QFL Rookie Draft Order

UPDATED 8/4/2017 Countdown to FahQ picking Leonard Fournette starts now. See all top rookies here Pick Team 1 FahQ 2 SOQ 3 OrigQ

#QFL Prime 2016 Rookie Draft Order

McDowell owns the #1 pick AGAIN. TenQ, QBC and OrigQ each own two first round picks. SOQ and Inquincibles own no picks. ATCQ and OrigQ each own three second rd picks. Every owns their own 2017 picks… so far. The 2016 QFL Prime Rookie Draft Order

2015 #QFL Rookie Draft Order

For the fourth time in the last five years FRNQ holds the #1 pick. Past FRNQ #1 Picks 2013: Eddie Lacy 2012: RG3 2011: Mark Ingram Pick Team #1 FRNQ #2 QBola #3 QTang

Deuce 2014 Rookie Draft Order

Fantasy Enemy owns the #1 and #2 overall picks in #QFL Deuce’s 2014 rookie draft. Round 1   1 Bombers (owned by FE) 2 Fantasy Enemy 3 Quahogs

Quatro 2014 Rookie Draft Order

No 2014 rookie picks traded hands in #QFL Quatro (yet). Tank holds the #1 pick. Pick # Team First Round   1 Tank 2 Slicers 3 Dr. Child Boom Boom

#QFL 2014 Rookie Draft Pick Order

QJ owns the #1 overall pick in 2014, breaking FRNQs streak at 3 straight. Quince United owns 2 first rounders (including #3 overall) plus the 13th pick. TenQ also owns two firsts. HepQ owns no 2014 picks. FahQs only pick is #21. #Q, OriQ and QBC own two second round picks each. Pick Team 1 […]

Thrice 2014 Draft Order Set

With the season in the books, here’s how next year’s draft order shapes up:

#QFL 2014 Mock Rookie Draft

Now that the regular season is over we know half of the 2014 rookie draft order. Splice that together with the three month old 2014 fantasy football rookie rankings from and we have ourselves a mock draft (for the first round at least).

Deuce 2013 Rookie Draft Order

The Deuce’s preliminary rookie draft order was released by Commish Brockman this morning. Sharpen your #2 pencils, Fantasy Enemy holds the #1 overall pick.

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