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Best Ever Second Round Rookie Picks

The 2016 rookie class anomaly aside, second rounders have frequently turned out to be superstars over the years. However, their value is underappreciated in trade talks outside their transition player utility. QFL’s Greatest Second Round Selections Class Rookie Draft Pick Team 2015 David Johnson #16 QU 2014 Odell Beckham #17 FRNQ 2013 Keenan Allen #17 […]

Research Shows Third Overall Pick Is Most Valuable

An analysis of #QFL #FantasyFootball rookie picks over the last 5 years revealed some surprising insights relating to optimal draft order positioning. It turns out, when it comes to what draft position yields the most frequently fantasy relevant players, it’s not the first pick overall, it’s the third!

#QFL Trade Announcement; 2014 Rookie Pick Update

Ted now has three first round picks and two seconds. Franchise tags watch out. The Trade. TENQ SENDS Drew Brees ($15 Q3) #9 overall #11 overall #QUINCE SENDS #3 overall #14 overall 2014 QFL Rookie Pick Order

#QFL Trade Announcement; 2014 & 2015 Rookie Pick Ownership Updates

Just over a month before the cut deadline is normally when the fire sale trades start happening. The Trade. QBC SENDS 2014 22nd overall pick and their 2015 2nd round pick ORIGQ SENDS Philip Rivers ($2 Q1 will be $2 Q2)

@sammywatkins Expected To Be The Second WR Taken First Overall In #QFL Rookie Draft History

The last WR taken #1 overall in a QFL rookie-only draft was Charles Rogers way back in 2003. History of #1 overall QFL picks

Best First Round Rookie Picks In #QFL History

The results of my quick subjective survey of first round rookie selections dating from 2011 to 2003 is complete and the results may surprise you. Jim & Ian are only among the worst rookie draft performers. Benny is overrated. Hans’ selection of Jamaal Charles with the #12 pick in 2008 ranks among the best ever.

Deuce 2013 Rookie Draft Results

QFL-2 completed their rookie draft on Sunday night. Pick Team Player 1 Enemy Monte Ball 2 Turds (from NOJOQ from Bombers) Eddie Lacy 3 MDW Gio Bernard 4 Quahogs LeVeon Bell

QFL 2013 Rookie Pick Results

The 15th Annual QFL Free Agent Auction & Rookie Draft is in the books. 2013 Rookie Draft Results Pick Pos Team Player 1 RB FREDNEQ Lacy, Eddie (R) – GB 2 WR QUINCING BY COMMITTEE Austin, Tavon (R) – STL 3 RB A TRIBE CALLED QUINCE Bernard, Giovani (R) – CIN 4 RB ORIGINAL QUINCELER […]

QFL 2012 Rookie Draft Results

For the record.

Deuce Rookie Draft Results

The Deuce pulled off an historic mid-hurricane Auction Saturday night that finally ended at 2:30am Sunday morning with the rookie draft. Given the hour and the drunkenness, the results are pretty good.

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