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IR Rule Change Passes

The IR Rule change passed a general vote 8-2 and will go into effect for the 2017 season. Several objections we’re noted including the fee level, timing of declarations and inability to replace a player once removed from IR with another. Tweaks to this rule are expected in the future but the general direction of […]

Last Day To Vote On 2017 #QFL IR Rule Change

The Competition Committee has only one rule change to recommend prior to tomorrow’s July 15 deadline for implementing new rules changes for the upcoming season. The NFL has changed their Injured Reserve rule to allow players to be recalled to active rosters after a certain amount of time instead of the old rule where they […]

#QFL Rule Change Proposal

Designated to return from IR option. One player per season may return to active roster after 5 weeks on IR.

Rule Change Proposal Submitted: The Empty Backfield

The #QFL Competition Committee received a formal rule change proposal today. The rule would allow for 5 WRs and no RBs as a legal offensive set.

24 Hours To Correct Roster Rule IS BACK

In case you haven’t heard, the QFL Commissioner announced recently that QFL Nation is adjusting the way we enforce roster rules following free agent or waiver pickups. We are going back to allowing a 24 hour period (or before first game) to correct any roster violations incurred due to these transactions, plus trades presumably. Initially […]

Ownership Transfer Rule Passes, QUNet Officially Sold

It’s finally official, after a long waiting period, Nordstrom was approved to take control of QUNet from Barron today according to an announcement from QFL1’s Commissioner’s office.

COMCOMM Tackles Lockout Rules

Even though yesterday there was some indication of a labor dispute resolution coming soon, several influential members of QFL Nation have been asking tough questions about the QFLs official contingency plans for various NFL labor dispute scenarios. The truth is COMCOMM is still reviewing many proposals and hasn’t released any kind of guidance for 2011.

2011 Rule Change Proposals

COMCOMM may have to get serious about the possibility of an NFL lockout in 2011. In one of his last acts as QFL1 Commissioner, Pope Paul appealed for COMCOMM to put in place a contingency plan should the worst happen.

Proposal to have the QFL Represented in the WCOFF

An interesting proposal from a QFL2 team that has QSN’s full support. A proposal to have the QFL represented in the World Championship of Fantasy Football.

Pope Paul to Issue “Emergency Kicker” Rule, BQP Fights $20 Fine

UPDATE: BQP ACQUITED OF ALL CHARGES! Even Benny and McD agreed two hours after it was already decided. QFL1’s Commissioner Paul is consulting with COMCOMM on an “emergency kicker” executive order he is considering as a result of BQP starting an inactive one (Kaeding) in week 7. BQP is preparing a vigorous defense centered around […]

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