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#QFL Deuce Unofficial Skins Update

Since our commish is a no show, here is an unofficial recap of skins so far:

#QFL Masters Skins Update

QVE with the high score of 91.34, but well short of the 100.87 needed for the 2 skins. Week 9 will have 3 skins on the line. 99.68 is the number to beat.

#QFL Masters Week 7 Skins Update

Membrillos wins week six with a 102.4 (2 skins, now has 3 total). Deacons wins week seven with a 98.70……but no skin (had to beat 101.52). Two skins up for grabs in week 8. 101.12 is the number to beat. Just for the record, my team sucks. I have the Masters Shit Touch. For example, […]

Six Skins Up For Grabs in #QFL Week 8

The next team to win the weekly skin pays for their season. There are 6 skins available week 8. The average score to beat is 101.49. The 9-year average weekly skin payout is $79.32 or $475.92 for 6 weeks. Even 0-7 QBC could “win”. The least 6 skins has paid out over the last 9 […]

Ted Releases 2015 Commissioner Report; Skins Payout Down From Last Year

Ted may have kept his word about getting payments out quickly following the Super Bowl but he did break one promise: fining teams. Ted only fined 5 teams in 2015! There is only one other year on record with less teams fined. Ten teams fined was the minimum number in Ted’s last reign as Commish. […]

#QFL Thrice Skins Update

Four skins up for grabs this week. High score gets them.

QFL Prime : Skins Update Through Week 12

There have been just 4 different skins winners this season. QTANG picked up his 3rd, 4th, and 5th skins in week 11 after FAHQ was the highest scorer, but failed to score enough for skins in both weeks 9 and 10.

#QFL Weekly Skin Lowest In Seven Years Preliminary 2013 Commissioner Report Shows

Commissioner “Racist” Rishi finally got around to releasing the 2013 QFL Commissioner Report today and if you were a “lucky” weekly skins winner you are bitterly disappointed by the results. The QFL weekly skin payout is the lowest in 7 years (as far back as I felt like researching) down over 18% from last year […]

QFL Skins Update

There have been 6 different skins winners over the first 9 weeks. 3 teams have won one skin and 3 teams have won two skins…

Around #QFL Nation – Week 4 Skins, Scores & Standings

Vote Quimby leads The Nation in scoring after 4 weeks. The team is one of three still undefeated in QFL3. There are no other undefeated teams left in any QFL. Top Scoring Teams by League. QFL Nation Rank Team Record Points Scored League 1 Vote Quimby 4-0 417.07 Thrice

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