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We’re Calling It Early SOQ Wins 2015 Playoff Pool

No need to wait until after the Super Bowl, SOQ Wins! There is no way Emmanuel Sanders scores 10 more points than Newton, Olsen, Gano and Carolina D combined. Sorry Inquinceables. No other team has any players left. It’s SOQ’s second playoff pool win in the last 5 years and third overall (that we know […]

‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ Drama Grips #QFL

In case you were blissfully unaware of the awkwardly hilarious drama unfolding on the QSN comments under post Exclusive Interview With SOQ here is an update. But first, some background. This all started before Scott dropped Brees and Foster. Scott alleges a gentleman’s agreement with Ted existed that made Scott think dropping Brees and Foster […]

Exclusive Interview with Quince Bowl XV Runner-up SOQ

We finally get details about what happened at the Auction and how the decision to waive Brees and Foster came to be.

SOQ Ranked #1 By @KeeperCommish Pre-Season Simulation

QSN used KeeperCommish to simulate Fridays keeper declarations and projected last year’s runner-up SOQ to be the number #1 team with a score of 79. The worst projected keepers belonged to #Q with a score of 248. HepQ projected to have the most cap space heading into the Auction with $63 to spend way ahead […]

SOQ Sets Scoring Record

#QFL Franchise Stormtroopers of Quince set the #2 all-time scoring record in week 9 even with zero points from Arian Foster. Rank Total Pts Team Year 1 140.14 FahQ 2012 2 137.32 SOQ 2013 3 136 Q/P (now TenQ) 2000 4 135 FRNQ 2004 5 122.97 TenQ 2012 6 122 Qunet (now DRQ) 2003 6 […]

Around QFL Nation Skins, Scores & Standings Week 5

A skin was won in every League this week. Golden Smoot put up the most of any team with 119.42, the highest weekly score of any team so far this season. QFL1’s SOQ franchise still sits atop the QFL Nation scoring leader board, however, with 448.34 total points. Shockingly now tho after 5 games, Luippold’s […]

Week 2 Skins

After two weeks of play, SOQ still leads QFL Nation in scoring with 205.1 total points.

QFL Blockbuster Trade Announcement

The volume of trades this season has to be setting some kind of record. QSN promises to review the paper archives to find out. The Trade. SOQ sends Cam Newton, Marshawn Lynch and Nate Washington Quince sends Jimmy Graham, Willis McGahee and Kevin Kolb. EOM

QFL Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

A mega-trade went down late last night. The Trade. Bing’s Quest sends LeGarrette Blount, Earnest Graham, Marshawn Lynch, Dallas Clark, SOQ 2012 1st-round rookie pick and BQ 2012 2nd-round rookie pick Stormtroopers of Quince sends Brandon Marshall, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Demaryius Thomas, Vernon Davis

QFL Uno Trade Announcement; Updated 2011 Rookie Draft Order

The Trade. SOQ sends 2011 2nd rounder (#20) HEPQ sends 2011 2nd rounder (#21) and future considerations Why bother to do this trade? QSN was told this trade “related to a side bet that Scott and I made a few weeks ago concerning the results of the Bachelorette”. Very fishy.

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