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QFL Playoff Seeding

Week 13 is in the books and the 2012 QFL playoff seeds have been determined. Winner’s Bracket #1 STORMTROOPERS OF QUINCE (11-2, 1108.94) Analysis: Best record and most points scored. It was a tough race for a while with both Josh and Seth challenging for the #1 seed, but both challengers faded over the last […]

QFL Playoff Update (Part 1)

Berlage’s in depth QFL II posts have shamed me into providing some additional content to represent the original QFL. Although, having been eliminated from the playoffs (and lazy), I’m not going into every possibility in this post and haven’t gone through the tiebreakers, so some of the ranges in the possible finish section might get […]

QFL1 Playoff Pool Controversy & First Weekend Results

What would a QFL1 post-season be without a good controversy? We haven’t known such a situation in years. This time around the issue involved Scott (hopefully it won’t infringe on his campaign for Commissioner) picking one of his beloved Patriot players who was NOT on a QFL team. Oooh, juicy you might think, but, the resolution brings to […]

QFL2 Playoff Pool Standings

While QFL1 has no idea what is going on with their playoff pool, The Deuce’s house is in order.

Six Left Competing For SuperQuince

Unless Revenge Cox can pull off another miracle win, Rushing Russians will run away with the top SuperQuince prize ($500 this year).  Revenge Cox couldn’t have been more lucky with the surprise AP inactive on MNF. Quimby only needed one AP catch to beat Cox and make his first QFL3 Quince Bowl. But no…

Week 15 SuperQuince Standings (Pre-MNF)

  Rushing Russians of QFL3 continues to dominate SuperQuince. Provided BaltiMoron’s Chico D doesn’t score 48 tonight RR will have a comfortable 61 point lead in the SuperQuince standings heading into the final game. Vote Quimby needs 1.22 points from AP to beat Revenge Cox in QFL3 while  BQP needs 23 points from AP to beat TenQ in […]

SOQ Finished Last In 2009

I admit I did not record the final standings last year. Probably out of frustration after missing the playoffs and finishing 9th for the second year in a row. I do get bitter, ask Rishi. Nonetheless I can prove Scott finished last by deductive reasoning.

Down to 12 for SuperQuince Prize

Rushing Russians is running away with the SuperQuince after one week with a commanding 25 point lead, but there are three QFL1 teams in the top five. Shockingly QBC isn’t the worst team. The #1 seeds from QFL2 and QFL3 are both behind QBC in SuperQuince! QBC scored 56. We continue to see QFL-I dominance.

QFL2 Round 2

The defending SuperQuince got booted from the playoffs.

SuperQuince Standings (Pre-MNF)

Three of the top four highest scoring teams as of Monday morning are from QFL3.

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