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#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. The Inquincibles send 2017 2nd-round pick Tenacious Q sends Ladarius Green $1 Q2 and Jonathan Stewart $11 Q3. This is the only 2017 pick that has changed hands in QFL Prime.

#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. QBC send Tenq. # 8 overall pick  Tenq sends QBC. Doug Martin q3 $8 QBC will drop victor Cruz to get compliant

TenQ Guaranteed TWO Top-5 Rookie Picks In 2016

Be afraid. Be very afraid. At worst, TenQ, the winningest franchise in QFL history, owns the #4 & #5 overall rookie picks in 2016 with a shot at two top-3 picks if TenQ or ATCQ (via DeMarco Murray trade) can win a few games in the loser bracket. Go Ted! Go Ted!

Exclusive Interview with 4-time QFL Champ TenQ

Q. This offseason you blew up a team that took you to 4 straight Quince Bowls and won 3. Take us through your thinking on trading away your core. Certainly you could have kept Shady for another year. A. I had to. Shady, AJ Green, Brees, Seattle D and Murray all had expiring contracts I […]

Blockbuster #QFL Trade!!; 2014 & 2015 Rookie Pick Ownership Update

Three trades announced in one exciting night at QFL Nation headQuarters. This is the kind of trade that only happens before the cut deadline. The Trade. TENQ SENDS LeSean McCoy ($20 Q2) Seattle D ($3 Q3) James Jones ($1 Q2) 2015 Second Rd Pick QBC SENDS Andrew Luck ($4 R2) #4 overall pick Maurice Jones-Drew […]

QFL Trade Announcement

The Trade. TenQ sends Nick Foles Tribe Called Quince sends Charles Clay

QFL Trade Announcement

2012 is officially kicked off with the first trade of the season. FahQ sends TE Antonio Gtaes (L8 $5) TenQ sends WR Dez Bryant (S2 $6)

QFL Trade Announcement

QFL announces 4th trade in a week. The Trade. TenQ sends Alfonso Smith ($1 L1) Queef sends Seattle D ($2 L1) EOM

QFL Trade Announcement; 2012 Rookie Pick Ownership

A second QFL trade announced just before game time Sunday. The Trade. Bing’s Quest sends Jacoby Jones and QBC’s 2012 2nd-round pick Tenacious Q sends Andy Dalton

Major QFL1 Trade Announced Involving Chris Johnson, Calvin Johnson and Rookie Picks

If  you follow QFLNews on twitter you already know about the mega-trade that went down yesterday afternoon.

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