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‘Gentleman’s Agreement’ Drama Grips #QFL

In case you were blissfully unaware of the awkwardly hilarious drama unfolding on the QSN comments under post Exclusive Interview With SOQ here is an update. But first, some background. This all started before Scott dropped Brees and Foster. Scott alleges a gentleman’s agreement with Ted existed that made Scott think dropping Brees and Foster […]

#QFL Trade Announcement; Updated 2014 Rookie Draft Pick Ownership

Ted has been busy positioning for 2014, today announcing the second trade of this still early pre-season. The Trade. #Quince sends Bryce Brown ($1 Q2) FahQ sends #21 overall pick in 2014 #Quince now owns three second rounds pick with which to raid transition players and FahQ gets the cheap backup to his only viable […]

#QFL Trade Announcement; First Trade of the Season; 2014 Rookie Pick Ownership Update

The first trade of the season is in the books two months earlier than last year’s. Today at 10:17 PM ATCQ sends lynch ($6 Q3), djax ($5 Q2) and romo ($6 Q1) to QU for the #3 overall 2014 pick. Tribe Quince now owns the #2 and #3 overall picks and is rumored to be […]

QFL Trade Announcement

The Trade. TenQ sends Nick Foles Tribe Called Quince sends Charles Clay

#QFL Trade Announcement

Ted pulls off a trade from the delivery room! Welcome to QFL Nation Alexandra. The trade. Hep Q sends Tony Gonzalez ($4 Q1) A Tribe Called Quince sends Eric Decker ($6 Q3)

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