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QU got by QJ for the #1 seed despite getting badly beaten by Inquincibles. The team also lost the points title to ATCQ as a result of their lackluster performance. Coming into the playoffs they’re on a two-game losing streak and Romo and DJax are banged up. However, they have good matchups week 15 (except on D) so they should advance to the QBowl. 3/1

QJ gets #2 and the bye even though they boneheadedly played Miami D on Monday night with a lead. Now the whole league can look forward to the next draft, where we’ll undoubtedly spend hours discussing new legislation to address this extraordinarily rare and trivial situation. 8/1

OQ is the #3 and also came third in scoring after a hot couple of weeks. Very strong core lineup but it’s looking weak at the bottom with Julius out and Ellington slumping. Luckily they’re matching up with a pitiful TenQ squad that’s already capitulated. If they get Julius back soon they should reach the final. 9/2

SOQ had a shot at the bye but ends up #4 as the runner-up in their first year in the QFL Patrick Division. It’s impressive that they made the playoffs after the dumbest move in QFL history, but a title run seems unlikely. Big Ben has been awful on the road and has two road games coming up. Gordon and Forsett will need to carry this team on their backs if they’re going to go anywhere and Gordon’s getting a sketchy new QB this week. 14/1

ATCQ is somehow the #5 seed after leading the league in scoring, a fact that’s dripping with irony considering his Lucky Ratio™ fixation. The team hasn’t scored under 75 since back in week 4, and they recently added #1 overall RB Murray to an already imposing lineup. The wiseguy pick to make the QBowl. 7/2

TenQ somehow squeaks into the playoff picture even after shadily attempting to tank Week 13 by playing Chicago D at Detroit. There are rumblings around the league office of official sanctions being levied in the offseason, including loss of draft picks. The team’s inexplicable trade of Murray at the deadline removed any hope of a repeat. 18/1

QTang gets a Toilet Bowl bye after winning their last 3 regular season games including last week’s big win over FRNQ, which evened the teams’ records at 6-7. Narrowly missed the playoffs due to a Week 6 loss to TenQ.

Fredneq had three consecutive wins by two points or less coming in to Week 13 but couldn’t keep the magic going against QTang, and as a result gets the consolation bye instead of a playoff spot. Not even their bold acquisition of Chad Ochocinco last week was enough to vault them into the playoffs. Yes, that really happened.

Inquincibles were fifth in scoring but opponents averaged over 77 points per game against them. Team management’s unwillingness to trade and lack of dedication really hurt them again this year. Excellent chance at the first pick despite not having a bye.

QBC participated in fantasy football this year.

Qbola hasn’t won in the post-Manning era and comes in on a 4-game skid. Their matchup with QBC is a pick ‘em.

Fahq was a victim of Megatron’s injuries and the general ineffectiveness of Detroit’s offense. Vernon Davis’ complete disappearance after Week 1 didn’t help matters.

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