Thrice Cut Deadline Trades – Updated 2015 & 2016 Rookie Picks

Commish Doug pulls off two trades before the cut deadline.

The trades:

Quimby sends Martellus Bennett (Q1 $1)

Qtopia sends 2015 & 2016 2nd round rookie picks


Qtopia sends Lamar Miller (Q3 $2) and Chris Ivory (Q2 $3)

Mexiq sends 2016 1st round rookie pick

    Updated 2015 Rookie Draft Picks

First Round

1. Alkies
2. Qutane
3. Russians
4. Smoot
5. Morons (from Tizzie)
6. Morons (from Cox)
7. Tizzie (from Morons)
8. Toon
9. Russians (from Quimby)
10. Qtopia (from Quickly)
11. Qutane (from Qtopia)
12. Mexiq

Second Round

1. Quimby (from Alkies)
2. Qutane
3. Russians
4. Qutane (from Smoot)
5. Quickly (from Tizzie)
6. Cox
7. Morons
8. Cox (from Toon)
9. Quimby
10. Tizzie (from Morons via Quickly)
11. Quimby (from Qtopia)
12. Mexiq

2016 Rookie Picks
Qtopia: 1st, Mexiq 1st
Quimby: 1st, 2nd, Qtopia 2nd
Mexiq: 2nd

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