Don Q

Did Shades win the playoff pool due to rules violations?

Should he be allowed to keep week 17 free agent acquisition Devonta Freeman?

Was there a week 16 unjustice done when opponent Quince Staples was allowed to switch out Jared Cook for Gurley after news broke too late for mere team owners to switch players on the website themselves?

Leave it to shady Shades to end the season with a trio of shady situations with which the League must deal before the 2018 Commissioner Report can be sanctified.

#1. Damien Williams. The three teams ahead of QAnon in the 2018 playoff pool standings each started Damien Williams who was ineligible for selection, or so the theory goes. Do you remember an email from Scott? Is Scott Commissioner? Seriously I’m asking.

#2. Devonta Freeman. Are you allowed to pick up a player in week 17 free agency? No one else seemed to think so because no other teams placed a bid except Shades who grabbed Freeman for $13. After the initial outrage subsides you realize this equates to years of self-inflicted psychological torture for Shades knowing he could have a won a stud RB for only $1! Let that sink in for a couple years.

#3. Todd Gurley/Jared Cook. During the course of Week 16 play The Commissioner specially logged into the software to override a starting lineup that was not still manipulable to opponent Quince Staples and replaced Todd Gurley with Jared Cook. The move proved futile as Quince Staples still lost by 1.47points, but the Special Commissioner Action (SPA) is precedent setting nonetheless.

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