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The Best #FantasyFootball Rookie Rankings

All #QFL rookie-only drafts are final. These are the consensus rankings. Consensus Rank Rookie ADP # Leagues Drafted Masters Quatro Deuce Prime Thrice 1 Todd Gurley 1.70 5 1 2 1 1 2 2 Melvin Gordon 2.30 5 3 1 2 3 1 3 Amari Cooper 3.60 5 2 3 3 2 3

2015 #QFL Consensus #FantasyFootball Rookie Rankings #NFL

Even with 8 picks left to be made in Thrice League there is a clear consensus top-6 rookies in the 2015 class. Breshad Perriman fell slightly from the previous ranking while David Cobb tanked and is still falling. 2015 Consensus Top Fanasy Football Rookies Consensus Rank Rookie Average Masters Quatro Deuce Prime Thrice 1 Todd […]

2015 #FantasyFootball #QFL Consensus #Rookie Rankings

Every year we calculate the average draft positions of all rookies selected in a QFL League to come up with our annual consensus rookie rankings. We are still waiting for some leagues to report and we only have 15 selections from QFL4 but the early rankings are an important reference nonetheless. 2015 QFL Consensus Rookie […]

#QFL Masters 2015 Rookie Draft Results

Pick Team   1 QVE Gurley 2 MGJ Cooper 3 Master of Puppets Gordon

#QFL Quatro Rookie Draft Results

Contrary to Rishi’s belief, QFL-4 is alive and well, and currently email drafting their rookies. By the looks of it, it may take awhile, the draft started at 11pm last night and as of 3pm today, 4 picks have been made. At this pace, the draft will be completed sometime early Saturday. Whatever. At least […]

#QFL Deuce 2015 Rookie Draft Results

Pick Team Player 1 Pigskin Pimps Gurley 2 Catch 42 Melvin Gordon 3 Membrillos cooper

Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2015 Rookie Picks

I can’t remember if there’s ever been a straight up swap of draft picks in Thrice. The trade: Mexiq sends 2015 1st round pick (#12 overall) Cox sends sends each 2015 2nd round rookie picks Chase has also declared a name change from ‘Revenge of the Cox’ to ‘The Year of Bill’

#QFL Prime 2015 #FantasyFootball Rookie Draft Results

Rookie draft results are in for QFL. Who reached? Who got a steal? Selection Player Name Team 1 Todd Gurley FRNQ 2 Amari Cooper Qbola 3 Melvin Gordon Qtang

Thrice Cut Deadline Trades – Updated 2015 & 2016 Rookie Picks

Commish Doug pulls off two trades before the cut deadline. The trades: Quimby sends Martellus Bennett (Q1 $1) Qtopia sends 2015 & 2016 2nd round rookie picks And Qtopia sends Lamar Miller (Q3 $2) and Chris Ivory (Q2 $3) Mexiq sends 2016 1st round rookie pick

Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2015 Rookie Picks

Rob and Ross execute the first trade of the season for Thrice. The trade: Morons sends Andre Ellington (Q2 $3) & 7th overall 2015 draft pick & 20th overall 2015 draft pick Tizzie sends 5th overall 2015 draft pick

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