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#QFL Trade Announcement

ORIGINAL QUINCELER trades away Denver ($8 Q2) QUINCE THE RAPPER trades away #18 pick Updated 2017 Rookie Draft Order

#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. The Inquincibles send 2017 2nd-round pick Tenacious Q sends Ladarius Green $1 Q2 and Jonathan Stewart $11 Q3. This is the only 2017 pick that has changed hands in QFL Prime.

#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. QBC send Tenq. # 8 overall pick  Tenq sends QBC. Doug Martin q3 $8 QBC will drop victor Cruz to get compliant

#QFL Trade Announcement

The trade. FahQ sends RB Matt Jones (R1, $1, QFLE) Quince the Rapper sends RB Eddie Lacy (R3, $16) FahQ cuts WR Martavis Bryant (Q1, $11)

First Trade Of 2016 Announced In #QFL Deuce

Correction. This is the second reported trade of the season. NOJOQ  send Jonathan Stewart ($3 Q2) Turds send #16 rookie pick in 2016 This is the first recorded June 17. NOJOQ sends 2016 2nd round pick and 2017 first round pick Fantasy Enemy sends Julio Jones and Marvin Jones NOJOQ drops DeAngelo Williams

More On Tyrant Ted’s Mega Trade Rejection

As the individual trade execution emails keep rolling in, additional information and challenges are being raised about the massive, most likely illegal, 5-team, 20-player trade that went down Friday.

Unprecedented 5-Team 20-Player Trade REJECTED By Tyrant #QFL Prime Commissioner King Edward IV

The deal announced yesterday which involved almost half the members of QFL Prime and must have taken weeks to negotiate was rejected by Commissioner Ted on a technicality.

Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2015 Rookie Picks

I can’t remember if there’s ever been a straight up swap of draft picks in Thrice. The trade: Mexiq sends 2015 1st round pick (#12 overall) Cox sends sends each 2015 2nd round rookie picks Chase has also declared a name change from ‘Revenge of the Cox’ to ‘The Year of Bill’

Thrice Cut Deadline Trades – Updated 2015 & 2016 Rookie Picks

Commish Doug pulls off two trades before the cut deadline. The trades: Quimby sends Martellus Bennett (Q1 $1) Qtopia sends 2015 & 2016 2nd round rookie picks And Qtopia sends Lamar Miller (Q3 $2) and Chris Ivory (Q2 $3) Mexiq sends 2016 1st round rookie pick

Thrice Trade Announcement; Updated 2015 Rookie Picks

Rob and Ross execute the first trade of the season for Thrice. The trade: Morons sends Andre Ellington (Q2 $3) & 7th overall 2015 draft pick & 20th overall 2015 draft pick Tizzie sends 5th overall 2015 draft pick

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