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Fantrax Favorite To Host QFL Nation

It took a couple days but it appears that the Technology Committee is close to determining that Fantrax will provide the smoothest transition in terms of fewest rule changes required to adapt to a new host site. The QFL has a trial League going now and there are several points of improvement already observed including […]

QFL Nation Scrambling To Find New Host

As several observant owners have pointed out, on about August 1, 2012, AllStarStats – the site that has hosted QFL Nation for over a decade – appears to have finally died. At least that’s what we’re assuming since they’re also not responding to emails. Rishi did predict this about three years ago. Don’t panic anyone, […]

Bings Quest Fined Measly $5 Waives Mendenhall

Bings Quest waived Mendenhall to get under the cap and into compliance 18 days late and was fined a mere $5 by Commissioner Nice Guy!

Updated: Blue Ribbon Committee Begins New Website Search

A hand-picked panel of experts is currently e-mail bombing various fantasy football websites to see who can handle the QFL’s unique free agent requirements. Right now it appears that having both a waiver system and FAAB bidding is a stumbling block for all of the big boys. RTSports and CBSSportsline have said thanks but no […]

Dont Even Think About It

There are college players like Andrew Luck and Trent Richardson appearing as choices in the free agency player list. Do not place a bid on any of these or any other college player (designated “CLG”) on a.s.s. tomorrow night or you will tortured and hung and fined a massive amount. These players are reserved for […]

Jets D Scoring Fiasco

Coming to a theater near you, the Week 11 Jets D scoring fiasco! The only TD scored by the Jets in week 11 was while their offense was on the field [see minute 2:29 of this video], but A.S.S has credited their Defensive unit with the touchdown. Every League is effected. This should be fun. […]

Thrice Resolves Their ASS Issue; Pleads For New Host Platform

Since the start of the season Thrice’s waiver wire hasn’t been clearing on Tuesday night. No one could figure it out – even Scott (the checked the settings – and it was really annoying, UNTIL NOW! Apparently Dictator Doug beat around some lady named Linda over at A.S.S. until she fixed the problem.

Dictator Doug Screws Up Week 2 Schedule

Dictator Doug screwed up the week 2 schedule and then blamed the snafu on the previous Commissioner in emails received by QSN last night and this morning. Some how Vote Quimby, Golden Smoot, Ron MexiQ and QTopia got their week 2 schedules all mixed around and no one noticed until Monday night. Let the brinksmanship […]

Commish Radeck Announces Retirement, Payouts and ASS Sucks

In a Thrice-wide season wrap-up email distributed this morning, Commish Radeck announced his retirement, confirmed payouts and assured his League that he too thinks A.S.S. sucks and we should all get a new platform. Amen.

SuperQuince Wants No A.S.S. Next Year

The new SuperQuince wasted no time wielding his new found influence on 2011 rulemaking. Rushing Russians is strongly urging a switch off the AllStarStats host platform. It’s the same plea every year, but the SuperQuince actually did some research. Gathering opinions in comment area. The main obstacle is still changing our free agency and waiver […]

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