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Trade Talks Tepid Ten Days B4 #QFL Cut Deadline

Trade talks are surprisingly tepid ahead of the the 18th annual QFL keeper declaration deadline. After the bold move by TenQ to dump an expiring contract on Josh no other teams have used the mandated annual culling to improve their rosters. There are 10 days left for that to change and it will. Every team […]

One Month Until #QFL Cut Deadline

There are exactly 30 days until the cut-to-8 deadline in the QFL August 5.

#QFL Nation Cut Deadline Thursday

The deadline to get your team down to 18 active is game time on Thursday.

Two Weeks Until #QFL Prime Cut Deadline

The deadline to cut down to 8 keepers, and two optional practice squad players if properly designated, is August 13 by 10am. This is the latest cut deadline in recent memory. Keepers should be designated in Fantrax and KeeperCommish.

#QFL Nation Cut-to-18 Deadline Approaching

QFL teams are able to carry as many players as they want, as long as they stay under the $100 salary cap, up until the start of week 5. This season the cut-to-18 (min 16) deadline is Thursday, October 8th by 8:24pm ET.

Less Than 24 Hours Before #QFL Cut Deadline

According to @KeeperCommish only two teams have submitted their keepers with less than 21 hours before the deadline at 11:59am ET Saturday. KeeperCommish will send out results immediately at 12:00 so don’t be late. The fine for late submissions is rumored to be $100 and loss of all your keepers. Other QFL Nation League Dates […]

#QFL Nation CUT DEADLINE Before Week 5 Thursday Game

Don’t forget to trim your combined active and reserve rosters to 16-18 players by 8:25pm ET tomorrow. QFL Europe keeper designations are due by then as well.

Cut Deadline In Two Weeks

The cut-to-18 deadline, and #QFL Europe rule designations, must be made in two weeks by Thursday, October 2 prior to the week 5 Vikings at Green Bay game. Trade deadline is November 20 this year.

#QFL IV Cut Deadline Next Wednesday August 6

The QFL-4 Commissioner’s brother reminded his brother’s League in an email today that next Wednesday, August 6 is the cut deadline. Good English, no?

Cut Deadline Primer

Everything a #QFL owner needs to know before the cut-to-8 deadline next Friday, July 25. Auction Nomination Order Rookie Draft Order Contract Pricing Free Agent Predictions Keeper Submissions must be entered in Fantrax and emailed to commissionerq at by 6:59pm ET. No KeeperCommish this year.

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