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#QFL Week 6 Movers & Shakers

QFL Week 6 Movers & Shakers Rank Team W L Div FPtsF FPtsA Streak Comments 1 QUINCE UNITED 5 1 3-0 452.63 375.05 1 (L) Is this when the annual collapse starts? At least Hans is now regularly starting the 7th highest scoring player instead of leaving him on the bench behind Romo. Second most […]

#QFL Week 3 Movers & Shakers

Rank Team W L FPtsF FPtsA Comments 1 QUINCE UNITED 3 0 235.15 177.39 There is a secret society of underground Hans worshipers praying he becomes the 12th unique QFL Champion in 16 years. Since 2003 Hans’ best finish is 4th in 2011

#QFL Week 2 Movers & Shakers

Week 2 Movers & Shakers

#QFL Week 1 Movers & Shakers

Rank Team W L Div FPtsF FPtsA Streak   1 QUINCE UNITED 1 0 1-0-0 94.94 74.74 1 (W) Week 1 skin winner. How much does Ted regret trading Lynch now?

Movers & Shakers – Week 4 #QFL Edition

#1 FAHQ (3-1) 272.79 So far so good on the Megatron trade. CJ is outscoring AJ 51-32 after 4 games. I hope management is appreciative that TenQ has traded FahQ all the team’s best players. Over the last two seasons TenQ has traded FahQ Megatron and Dez Bryant and received only Antonio Gates (since waived), […]

Week 1 #QFL Movers & Shakers

#1 QUINCE UNITED 109.69 I figured whoever had Peyton Manning would win the week 1 skin (last year worth $76.27/week) and it happened, even with .29 from Ridley. Here is where I feel obliged to mention that Hans is one of only two teams never to have won the Quince Bowl. Will this finally be […]

Week 4 QFL Movers and Shakers

#1 SOQ (3-1, 2-0) 372.52 Averaging 93.1 ppg is highest in all of QFL Nation after 4 weeks. Had an unlucky loss this week scoring 93 pts while outscoring all but 3 other teams. Getting solid production at every starter position will be tough to beat unless there are injuries.

Movers & Shakers QFL Week 2

Week 2 Movers & Shakers #1 SOQ (2-0) 205.1 pts – Scott deserves to be leading all of QFL Nation after all the work he has done to get us up and running on Fantrax. Sure he screwed up defense scoring, but amazingly no game results changed, so he is forgiven. Stealing Arian Foster from […]

Movers & Shakers QFL Week 9 Edition; QFL Nation Skins

First, a look around QFL Nation weekly skins; for the third week in a row no team, from any League, won a skin. There is now over $1,000 in the skins kitty across all Leagues. The hapless DBQ (2-7) franchise (QFL) miraculously scored the most points of any QFL Nation team with 92.77 in week […]

QFL 1 Movers & Shakers

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