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QBC Moves To Fine Pope Paul Over Slow Payouts

No doubt experiencing severe football withdrawl yesterday, an outraged QBC owner has moved to fined Commissioner Pope Paul I $6 over slow QFL1 payouts.

Around The QFL Constitution

Did you know transaction fees are $3 in the playoffs? Well they are. Rule 20 Section 2 Article 1. Speculation is that “Pope” Paul slipped it in there with this season’s rule changes. EOM

QFL Trade Announcement

Pope Paul relented and allowed the SOQ and TenQ trade to go thru, admitting that a pick is different than a player and by trading back a pick within 3 games didn’t violate the spirit of the rule which was to prevent player “rental” arrangements for a one or two week time period. The trade: […]

Pope Paul Reminds All About Roster Compliance

Pope Paul’s email to QFL1 today serves as a good reminder to all of QFL Nation that the 16-18 player roster compliance rule is about to kick in next Thursday, October 7th at 11:59PM ET. Each league treats QFL Europe compliance a little differently so be sure to stay on top of your League’s specific policy, otherwise […]

AllStar Stats’ Week 2 Scoring Wrong

UPDATE (3): SCORING FIXED. PLACE YOUR CLAIMS TONIGHT AS USUAL Reports are reaching QSN that scoring on AllStar Stats in week 2 is incorrect. As of Tuesday morning, scoring for Gore, Colston and Hartley are known to be understated, but there are probably others. The difference is enough to change the outcome in at least one […]

People Paying Pope Paul

Only two years after bloody war broke out over adoption of LeagueSafe’s early season payment requirement, the QFL is rolling in payments from almost half the league already. Duggan paid first?! Three people paid today. Can’t tell how much cause I can’t actually login. Payments aren’t even due until October 2nd before late fees start […]

Pope Paul Demands Cash

Pope Paul demanded $400 from each team in QFL1 by October 2 or face hefty late payment fines.

No Waiver Claims, QFL1 FA Bids Due Tonight

QFL1’s Commissioner “Pope” Paul announced this morning that no waiver claims had been placed last night and that free agency bidding was on track for tonight.

QFL Commish Appeals for Calm

Panic was sweeping the QFL before Pope Paul’s email over procedures to correct roster violations in the off-season and who got who in free agency last night as the 24 hour roster compliance deadline approaches.  From Paul. There has been a lot of chatter about how we are handling the processing of last night’s waiver claims (e.g. […]

COMCOMM Now Deciding Fate of First Free Agency

Pope Paul passes the buck… for two bucks. Shade’s appeal for leniency on his screwed up free agency bid didn’t go well with the Commissioner. But the Pope did allow an appeal to COMCOMM which is on-going, if Shades agreed to pay a $2 fine (his first of the season) regardless of the outcome.

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