No doubt experiencing severe football withdrawl yesterday, an outraged QBC owner has moved to fined Commissioner Pope Paul I $6 over slow QFL1 payouts.

From Double C.

I move that the Commish be fined $2 for being a quince and making the same mistake we all made by getting married even after he saw how lame we all became and an additional $4 (second offense) for delaying payment for a lame reason. Clearly, one of those over stuffed wedding envelopes will soften the blow of these fines.

To date, not even a preliminary 2010 Commissioner Report has been seen, let alone rumored to exist. Complicating matters, according to, The Commissioner gets married in 4 days.

Unofficial Winners (not including skins, slaggers dues, fines or transaction fees):

1st TenQ $1717 (44.05% of $3900 buy-in @$325×12)

2nd QBC $927 (23.79%)

3rd SOQ $567 (14.54%)

4th BQP $429 (11.01%)

7th FRNQ $257 (6.61%)

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