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#QFL Quattro Survives!

Miraculously owners were found to adopt the three orphan teams in quattro. Every year Rish counts them out but he is always wrong. Dead wrong. Their 4th Annual Auction is schedule for August 31. As bad as some of them were “the teams were taken as is without any concessions” according to co-Commissioner Doug.

Multiple Orphan #QFL Nation Teams

There is a Masters team (Michael Sam Loves Sacks) and two Quatro teams that need new owners. Tell your friends about that crazy League you are in. Remind them of our SI article fame. Bribe them. Threaten them. Whatever it takes! Go. Now.

#QFL Quatro Has Orphaned Team(s?)

The second newest QFL League is suffering losses as can be expected entering its third season. At least one, but more likely two, owners have walked away from their teams to date. One is even owed money! Check out the orphaned team’s rosters and see if you can tell which is which. QFL 4 has […]

#QFL Quatro Team Re-Adopted

And just in time too, the League cut deadline is in 6 hours. But no worries “Mark” already put in his keepers. From latest “Slicers” team owner. Thanks for the invite, and for taking my money. Diving right in, do I have a team name or am I on the hook to make up my […]

#QFL Quatro Team Re-Orphaned

Brian says he has “no time – traveling for work” but we think the real reason is he finally got a good look at the team he was adopting and decided not to flush his money down the toilet. Brian dropped the bomb yesterday. I apologize, but I have to resign from the league. After […]

Another #QFL Quatro Team Orphaned And Adopted

Great right? The only problem is the new guy accepted the invitation without seeing the team and no one wants to be the one to break the news how bad the team is. Judge for yourself. What would you advise new ownership to do? One might be tempted to cut everyone and start over. Two […]

#QFL Quatro Orphan Team ‘Slicers’ Seeking New Owner

QFL Quatro has about a month to find a new owner for the orphaned team, “Slicers”. Its actually a pretty good team, so it shouldn’t be hard. The full roster is below: Name Sal Con Brady, Tom QB – NE 22 Q2 Morris, Alfred RB – WAS 26 Q2 Floyd, Michael WR – ARI 1 […]

Rockville Danny Takes Deuce

As usual I jumped the gun announcing a new owner for Quahogs a few weeks ago. Turns out JC is NOT taking over the the Deuce franchise, he “couldnt commit”, but his brother-in-law is… From Deuce Commissioner Brockman.

New Owner Found For Quahogs

It took about two weeks, but it appears that a new owner for the Deuce franchise, Quahogs, has been found. The dude name is “JC”, works for the Yankees and it’s thought will side with the Chuck Yager voting block which currently controls a 1/4 of QFL2. This is all still pending League approval, of […]

Official: Deuce Looking for New Owner

What we previously reported as a rumor is in fact true, The Deuce is looking for a new owner. And it was revealed last night that the franchise being orphaned next season (not this season because Brian is cool like that) is Quahogs, the 2012 regular season last place finisher (5-8), lowest points scorer (755) […]

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